5 Reasons Why Breckenridge Is a Great Summer Destination

The historic town of Breckenridge, CO is one that many are not aware of, unless one is an avid thrill seeker and/or adventure enthusiast. Known as one of the most popular ski towns in the world, Breckenridge can be best described as a veritable wonderland, straight out of a fantasy book.

The town really lives up to its reputation and is one of the most visited locations by tourists every year. The plethora of accommodation facilities, beautiful wildflowers, and numerous other attractions, mark it as an excellent vacation destination. The town is commonly associated with the winter season owing to its ski facilities, but in fact, the town manages to hold its own in the summers too.

Here, we present 5 reasons why Breckenridge is the place you should be at this summer.

Vacation rentals

The perfect summer vacation is not possible without having a quality place to stay. Taking that into consideration, there are a number of vacation rentals that you can book and confirm as your place of stay during the vacation.

Breckenridge vacation rentals vary in prices according to the number of rooms and available amenities, the lowest from $99. Other more pricy rental houses go as high as $500 plus per night with amenities such as a jacuzzi, internet access, game room, and balcony.

Breckenridge Golf Club

Few things are more relaxing than spending time in the sunshine playing a quality game of golf. Yes, come by the Breckenridge Golf Club and take a full day indulging in solitude and fun. You do not have to worry if you do not know much about the sport as there are plenty of available golf lessons that you can benefit from, teaching you all the essential moves and tricks of professional golfers.

Art Festivals

Breckenridge is known for organizing a number of art festivals throughout the year, and if you intend to visit the place, visiting the art festival can be an amazing and colorful experience. There are weekly craft fairs that you can attend based upon your schedule, and there is always something to learn and be amazed at when talking to the local artisans.

Horseback riding

Breckenridge has much to offer in terms of scenic landscape views of large expansive hills and greenery. Such a place can be a fascinating opportunity to go horseback riding. The Breckenridge Stables offers you and your friends and family a unique way to explore the beautiful landscapes via carriage rides, sleigh rides, and trail rides on some of the finest Belgian and Percheron Draft horses.

White water rafting

You may be one of those who do not like spending the summer taking golf courses or attending art festivals. Instead, you may be looking for a thrill ride, and there is no better way to do so than to do white water rafting. Go on an adventure with your family and experience the thrill of a lifetime with your family or friends. White water rafting is also family-oriented.

There you have it, 5 reasons you need to make wonderland your destination of choice for the summers.

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