7 Things Every Outdoor Family Has

Outdoor adventures with your family is always a good time. No matter where you go, whether it be camping, hiking, fishing, or even just to the beach, you can anticipate a good time. With an active, outdoor family, there are many staple items that you should always have on hand! One thing I didn’t mention is sunglasses! If you are in the outdoors, you will need a pair of sunglasses. We recommend some Maui Jim sunglasses, but hey, you pick your sunglasses!

Here is a list of the 7 most popular items that every outdoor loving family has:

1) Tent

The classic camping tent. A necessity for last minute camping trips or just an overnight adventure in your backyard. The tent can be extremely versatile and work for many different types of excursions. From beach day trips, to a week in the mountains, the classic tent will definitely be needed.

2)  Sleeping Bags

No overnight excursion is complete without sleeping bags. Every family who loves the outdoors has at least two or three sleeping bags in storage, just waiting for the next outdoor adventure. Getting cozy in a plush sleeping bag makes staying overnight in a tent that much better. It’s hard to sleep on the cold ground, but with a soft and warm sleeping bag, you’ll always be comfortable.

3) Flashlights

Almost every family who loves the outdoors has multiple sets of flashlights. How else could you see where you’re going in the pitch-black wilderness? Flashlights are one of the most useful objects around. You can use them any time you find yourself stuck in the dark…or telling a good story around the campfire. There are even pocket sized flashlights out there so you can always be prepared!

4) Camping Stove

No outdoor collection is complete without a camping stove. How else can you make those tasty meals in the middle of the wilderness? Camping stoves are very versatile, and if you can get creative, you might even be able to create a gourmet fruit cobbler.

5) Bug Spray

Probably one of the most important items a family can own: bug spray/insect repellent. Nothing can ruin an outdoor excursion quite like multiple mosquito bites, or have annoying bugs buzzing around you at all hours of the day or night. Bug spray can make the difference between an enjoyable family outing, and a complete nightmare.

6) Sunscreen

Like bug spray, bringing sunscreen outdoors with you can make or break your day. Don’t regret those hours on the lake or beach or a good hike with a severe sunburn making its grand reveal that evening. Protect your skin with sunscreen and don’t forget to remember to reapply throughout the day!

7) Water Bottles

Water is vital for outdoor survival. It’s important to stay hydrated whether you are having a day at the beach, or going for a hike. If a cooler isn’t an option, consider purchasing a backpack with a water compartment in it for simple and refreshment! Adventure awaits – but don’t forget the H20!

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