A Simple Guide to Purchasing a Pocket Knife for your Outdoor Adventure

A pocket knife is a fold knife that has one or more blades which can be folded down into the knife’s handle for convenient and safe storage. There are a lot of kinds of pocket knives to choose from depending on the types of blades included. In general, pocket knives have a small size and can be folded down and carried easily in the purse or pocket. When opened, the knife’s blade is pulled out of the handle and extended fully so that the user can hold the handle to use the blade.

Pocket knives like buck pocket knives have many uses that the styles and varieties are almost limitless. Certainly, there are knives for all purposes. A number of them are made for camping and hunting while others are purchased and sold by collectors of vintage knife.

Practical Uses of Pocket Knives

Although bringing a knife does not paramount to the safety and survival of the user every day, people who enjoy outdoor activities know the usefulness of a blade when starting a fire, hunting or preparing food. A pocket knife can surely make a difference in the outdoors. Pocket knives come in various types of blades, each of which is made while considering their specialized uses.

Kind of Pocket Knives

Basically, there are a couple variations of pocket knives. The single-blade knife is one category while the multi-blade knife is another.

  • Single-Bladed– This can come with either a slip joint blade or a locking blade. The lock blade has a device that locks the blade when the knife is fully opened until it is released by the user. Lock blade knives have been known to provide a safety measure by preventing the blade from getting closed accidentally on the fingers of the user.
  • Multi-Blade– This pocket knife can have anywhere from 2-20 various knife blades which can be utilized for different purposes. This knife allows users to have a knife which can handle a lot of uses. Often, multi-blade knives slip joint type knives as the locking mechanism is not applicable to multiple blades. Also, multiple blade knives are available in survival and camping models which have various specialized blades which fold into the knife’s handle.

Styles of Pocket Knives

While there are many knife variations and types available, there are some common models and styles that have stood the test of the time.

  • Trapper Knife– This slip joint knife has a couple of blades jointed at the same handle end. Often, the blades are a spey blade and clip point.
  • Stockman- This is a slip joint knife which features three blades often a clip point meant of general use, a sheepsfoot blade with a downward sweeping curve and a spey point with a blunt tip which won’t cause damage by poking through things. This is a good daily knife.
  • Muskrat– This is also a slip joint knife which features blades jointed at the handle’s opposite end. A muskrat knife’s most common blades are a clip point on an end and a spey blade on the other for general purposes. Also, they can have blade variations depending on who manufactured them.

Author bio – Bennet Coburn works for a desert and wilderness survival group. He shares his respect and passion for the outdoors to all suggesting the importance of having one of the available buck pocket knives for safety reasons.

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