All about Budget Hotels

Budget hotels around Singapore can serve all kinds of travelers no matter what their needs may be. The type of rooms that are offered may vary but there are some common factors that are fairly consistent such as the following:

  • Singapore has scarcity in land
  • Lowest rate rooms have no windows in them
  • Basic amenities only
  • Small bathrooms with shower only, no tub
  • Breakfast may be served but minimal only

budget hotel near Orchard

However, a budget hotel near Orchard can be expected to be clean and modern. It has 24 hours check in and they also can store your luggage and valuables while you’re out. Most of these hotels also provide free access to Wi-Fi. Here are some of the popular classifications of budget hotels you can find:

Boutique Hotels

These hotels are great for those who highly adventurous and are always in search of unique adventures. Most often they are converted from old buildings or historic ones. Staying in one of these hotels will allow you to have more travel tales to tell when you get back home.

Old School Hotels

These are old school hotels that have seen better days but they offer great value for your money. The rooms may be old but you can easily find larger ones with more amenities and facilities such as a pool and a café that aren’t that costly.

Business Economy Hotels

These are hotels that are intended for business groups and travelers. They are known to be larger in size, modern, and strategically located. These hotels are known to also have modern amenities in them.

Chain Budget Hotels

This is popular in every location. The rooms here are usually no frills. Travelers like to prioritize value for their accommodation. You can also find those that are consistent in terms of providing the standard type of room and the experience that goes with it.

Hotspot Hotels

These are relatively smaller and budget type of hotels that are usually found in many tourist spots. They normally offer small rooms that have no frills and also offer affordable rates for travelers who usually spend the whole day outside and only require a place for them to lay down their heads at night.

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