Langkawi tour package
Langkawi tour package

Best Asia Tour Packages

Tourism is one of the most popular sectors in several Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, China, India, and the Philippines. The diverse culture, unique geographical features, varied climatic conditions, biodiversity, and scenic beauty of Asian countries make them more desirable for a wide range of tourist activities. Besides attractive geographical wonders, most of the Asian countries are also known for their historic monuments and religious sites. Most of the Asian societies are deeply attached to their traditional roots and practices and their varied cultural lifestyle had been developed around various religious monuments and ancient temples that form a major part of their national heritage. In this review, we will be checking out some of the most-visited sites and destinations in Asia that can help you in selecting a perfect tour package.

Popular Asia tour packages

  • If you wish to enjoy a combination of historic sites and city tours, you can easily opt for a Kuala Lumpur tour package. The place is known for its modern architectural structures like twin towers and religious sites like Batu Caves and Thean Hou Temple.
  • The city of Bangkok is yet another great place to experience the essence of true Asian culture. Here, you can enjoy the sight of amazing Buddhist temples that are world famous for their architectural detailing and craftsmanship. However, if you buy a full-fledged Bangkok sightseeing package, you can also count on visiting amazing museums, nightclubs, and zoos.
  • If you are looking for some beach activities and water sports, investing in a weeklong Langkawi tour package would be a perfect outing plan. The place is full of exotic beaches and tranquil islands that can take you to a different world.
  • While discussing top Asian destinations we cannot miss out on the popular island of Koh Samui which is located in Thailand. The place is home to some of the best beaches and natural attractions.

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