Book and score: Tips on getting cheap hotel rooms the last minute before your trip

They say that the early bird catches the worm. Yes, this is true but what if some worms are late risers? The later is not really included in such saying but it is still possible. Thus, kidding aside, we can still get treats and deals even after early promo has expired. It may be not because we planned it but because we took a leap of faith and counted on chances. And this can be a good travel hack as it could mean that we can still get great deals even up to the last minute of checking the options in getting cheap hotel rooms– one good way to lessen the cost of spontaneous outings.

cheap hotel rooms Singapore

In booking cheap hotel rooms Singapore, someone’s attitude of cramming and doing everything at the last minute can be an asset. You can develop the skill of winning deals and promos in a hurry. You may think that these deals and discounts are hard to find, but they can be easy to spot if you know where to look and how to deal with other traveller’s attitudes.

Call and Check hotel receptions and wait for last minute cancellation

A few minutes call may mean a lot especially when you are dealing with chances. There are instances when callers are offered rates that are not yet posted online. It thus give you an advantage over those who wait online. If you are lucky enough, you even get a free night for guaranteeing to book rooms in a hotel.

Online sites can be very helpful

Nowadays, hotel keepers and owners are active in their websites and social media accounts. In an effort to promote their hotels in a massive crowd, they also give promos, discounts, and even gift certificates. Just be sure that the site has been updated so your excitement wouldn’t be crushed by false hopes.

Cheap hotels rooms are offered by Budget hotels in Singapore

If you don’t have time to browse through different websites looking for discounts and promos, you can also go straight to the realistic options. There are a lot of budget hotels that offer quality accommodation services in Singapore. You can compare your options choose the one which suits best to your needs and is within you budget bracket.

Use Your Card Points and Rewards

If you are the type who loves to swipe and use cards in buying, then you have most probably earned a lot of points. These points are turned into free meals in restaurants, clothes, or services in spa. But there are cases when you are given free airfare or lodging.

Accommodation may cost a lot of money but with a few tricks and hacks, you would be able to save it for the other expenses. Hence, if you happen to procrastinate for the whole time, it isn’t too late to get great deals and discounts at the very last minute before you head to your next trip.

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