car leasing in singapore

Car Rental Versus Car Leasing Options

We understand all the differences that lie between car rental and leasing services. However, in certain aspects it becomes imperative to consider the differences in cost and conveniences when you need to rely on third party conveyance services for the long term. Being in a city like Singapore, where it is not a good idea to try and purchase a vehicle with the rising costs and traffic concerns involved, the cheaper and convenient options are rental or car leasing services. If you need a ride to and from work as well as for shopping and leisure rides about town, what kind of service would come of use?

What is involved in car leasing in Singapore?

When you opt for car leasing in Singapore you would be given a car to drive around town whose insurance and other paperwork is taken care of; maintenance requirements are also met and a lease contract simply gives you a time period to own it with certain terms and conditions that need to be satisfied. While the cost of leasing a vehicle might be higher at first glance, it becomes comparable as well as cheaper when you consider the amount of travel you need to do and the comparative costs you would incur.

Car leasing does require you to drive around town, follow traffic and parking rules and take responsibility of the vehicle during the lease period. The longer the lease period, the rates are cheaper, but the vehicle’s responsibility lies with you. On the other hand, rental rides are shorter and require you to pay market rates that can amount to a substantial amount if you need a ride about town frequently. Ensure that you understand what is involved before you lease a vehicle. Find a model of your fancy to ride about town as many agencies offer the latest models for hire.

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