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A Comparison Between Luxury Hotels And Budget Hotels

Hotels as we all know offer short term accommodation facilities to tourists and vacationers. The hotels form an integral part of any holiday planning. In general, there are two types of hotel available which are as mentioned below.

  1. Budget hotel
  2. Luxury hotel

There are two important differences between these two types of hotels that are as stated below.

  1. The first is the price factor. A budget hotel is much cheaper as compared to the luxury hotels.
  2. The second is in the facilities that the provided to the guest are different in both the cases. A budget hotel in Singapore offers only the basic facilities whereas the luxury hotels offer world class facilities.

Budget hotel in Singapore versus luxury hotels

You can find a number of both budget hotels and luxury hotels in Singapore so that it becomes very easy and convenient for the customers to choose from depending on their budget. Now, you can understand by the name, the budget hotels are ideal for the ones who cannot afford to pay a lot for the accommodation. The rooms come with only the basic facilities such as normal bedding, washing facilities, and communal bathrooms. In some of the hotels, you may find bathrooms attached to the rooms. The budget hotels are clean but are not fancy and no extra facility is offered without extra payment.

On the other hand, the luxury hotels come with a number of top class facilities in a majestic style. The guests are provided with all sorts of luxuries that they want. The rooms are huge with supreme décor and furniture. You can expect a lavish stay throughout. Additionally, you can get the benefits of a spa, gyms. Massage centers, swimming pools, and restaurants that offer cuisines from all over the world.

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