Different Types Of Apartment That Can Be Taken On Rent

Renting apartment in different city is a nice idea when you have plans to stay there for a few days. It helps in saving cost as well as to make you aware of surroundings. There are many options of renting apartment available these days and it is not limited only to one or two places. But, it can be taken worldwide.

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Different types of service apartments in Singapore available for rent

  • Corporate apartments

These apartments are made to meet the need of the corporate world. The apartments are best for holding a business meeting and creating a temporary house while living in it.

  • Furnished apartment

When people travel for business trip they often go for furnished apartments for rent short term and both for the long term. These apartments are just like hotel rooms, but offered little more space than hotel rooms. Options of single bedroom and multiple bed room are also there along with separate fully equipped kitchen and living area.

  • Rental apartments

The rental apartments are also known as temporary housing. It is taken for 30 days or more. It is good for those who are shifting to new location. First get accustomed to the surroundings and then go for house hunting.

  • Group stay

Often it happens that people travelling in a group; find it challenging to get rooms in a single hotel. The rented service apartments provide wonderful options of living together. Here, a house, townhome or condos can be taken on rent; option of theĀ executive condo Singapore is also there.

Best service provider in Singapore

There is no shortage of apartment rental service providers in Singapore. They are available in ample but getting right on is a challenging task. However, Oakwood is one that can be trusted in every respect. It is a brand that has its presence worldwide and offer best in class services. It offers all ranges of apartments mention above and many more. It can be reached on call by dialing the number (65) 6336 6900.

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