Driving a Commercial Vehicle in Singapore

Are you suddenly in need of a van, truck, or any commercial vehicle? Need to move from one house to another? Are you in need of a delivery vehicle because your company’s own vehicle bugged down? Hold your horses. Before you think about calling a commercial vehicles leasing company, you might just want to know the latest regulations about the use of commercial vehicles in the country.

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Changes in Car Leasing Act of Singapore

Passed in 2014 and have taken effect this year, 2016, drivers of commercial vehicles will be facing stricter regulations. First of the said changes is the announcement of the new “Class 3C” vehicle license. This kind of license will be issued to foreigners or migrant workers wanting to operate car leasing, light good vehicles, and small buses that weighs 2,500 kg and below. For foreign nationals holding current Class 3 licenses, they will be required to take a basic theory test to be issued the newly announced licenses. Given the difference in traffic regulations, vehicle speed limits, and other traffic laws, a foreigner needs to get re-acquainted with the city-state’s regulations to ensure safe commercial vehicle operation and compliance to Singaporean traffic laws. More than that, foreign nationals who wish to drive commercial vehicles in Singapore need to get local licenses first.

Illegally Acquired Licenses from Other Countries

The government did this because of news that there are foreign national drivers that tend to acquire driver’s licenses through illegal means. Reports say some countries where drivers are issued driver’s licenses without taking written and practical tests. Given certain safety aspects that are not common or present in other countries, the drivers plying by Singaporean roads need to get reacquainted or familiarized with the country’s various traffic laws here. Passing basic theory tests doesn’t give the foreigners a complete idea and grasp of the real world traffic conditions in the city-state. Various government officials have expressed  concern about the said practices, citing accidents caused by incompetent migrant drivers in Singapore.

Window Time for Getting the Newly-announced Licenses

For foreign workers who do not have a valid Singaporean license or are current holding the Class 3 licenses, they will need to undergo processing for issuance of Class 3C licenses first before being allowed to drive commercial vehicles in the country. Failure to do so will cause apprehension and hefty fines. That is why before you go and drive a commercial vehicle yourself, make sure that you are in the know of these latest changers to ensure a safe and hassle-free trip.


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