Family Fun in Breckenridge Colorado

When it comes to fun family vacations, you canʼt get much better than Breckenridge, Colorado. As one of the closest mountain resort towns to the Denver area, itʼs a definite go-to for people in the metro area, or those flying in from the international airport. With its many amenities, accessible restaurants and attractive downtown area, itʼs no wonder that many families choose Breckenridge for their winter — and summer — fun.
If youʼre a single parent or a parent on a budget, as I am, then youʼll naturally have a bit more on your plate when youʼre planning any family vacation. From packing and taking time off to booking just the right accommodations for your family, itʼs all on you. But if youʼre like a lot of other parents, youʼve probably found that planning well in advance can help you save money on your Breckenridge vacation.

Me, I have a couple tricks up my sleeve to help me save some bucks when Iʼm planning my vacation. First off, I usually peruse the available options on the hotel sites as well as VRBO and Airbnb, but I also donʼt forget to check out Craigslist and the smaller ads in local newspapers, where people who donʼt rent their homes on a regular basis are sometimes renting out rooms or offering shared housing by the week. For a specific little gem for Breckenridge, there is a great company that has over 1,000 listings for Breckenridge vacation rentals.

By taking advantage of the rooms for rent, I can usually get a great place for the family, without having to pay hotel prices.

The other thing I do is try to book packages ahead of time, and book online whenever possible. For example, Breckenridge resort offers far lower prices for the summer fun park as well as winter skiing when you book online. Local grocery stores sometimes also offer cheaper deals.

With just a short lead time, Iʼm able to save some cash and leave more funds for the last-minute items we always inevitably need. So now that youʼre starting to plan ahead, go out there and have some fun!

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