What to Find in an Executive Apartment?

There’s a reason why an executive apartment Singapore is quite popular. In fact, this type of property is popular worldwide. If you are to stay in one place for a week or much longer, it would be better to stay in an executive apartment.

If you still have doubts of why that should be so, the following reasons will help you evaluate your decision against staying in a hotel.

Space in executive apartment Singapore

An executive apartment usually has larger space. You can’t find divisions for rooms so that you’ll be able to sleep, eat, and relax in just one area. Through executive apartments, you can have more space and a lot of rooms.

Fully furnished

Furniture can turn any property into home. That’s how you would feel in an executive apartment since it usually has large bed inside the bedroom, a desk, couch, lounge chair, a dining room table, a sofa, etc. You can even find an apartment unit that has a guest room for you to have another co-worker with you which means more savings.

Maid service

In a hotel, you have regular maid service and oftentimes they come in such inopportune times. With an executive apartment, you have control on the frequency in which the maid could come and clean up. They can take out the garbage, change the sheets, wash dirty dishes, and clean the bathroom. Orchard Service Apartment in Singapore


It’s healthier and can save you a lot when you cook in your own kitchen while you’re in a home away from home. It’s not so convenient to always be dining out too. Since an exec apartment has a fully furnished kitchen, you can buy grocery items and cook your own food all day long.


Compared to hotels, exec apartments have cheaper rates. Hotel costs can accumulate fast. If you like to save more on your travel expenses, the exec apartment is the best option. Instead of paying per day, you can pay per week or per month.


Wifi is available in an executive apartment Singapore which may not be the thing in some hotels. You will also have a desk with a chair for your work to be done.

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