How to Make your Travel to Portugal a Safe and Exciting One

Portugal boasts of gorgeous coastline and rich history making it a must-visit destination. By most account, the country is one of the world’s safest places to travel to. But, just like other travel destinations, there are hidden dangers that you need to know about to guarantee an enjoyable and safe voyage portugal without any incident.

Go Easy

Never get intoxicated. But this can be easier said than done since Portugal is a producer of the finest wines in the world. Although it is fine to enjoy some of its local spirits, travellers need to keep in mind that drinking so much to end up getting intoxicated can make you a main target for thieves.

Travel to Portugal a Safe1

Drink Spiking

Alongside the intoxication warning is the drink spiking threat. The country provides a magnificent night life that is full of dancing, excitement, partying and drinking. Although not very common, some reports revealed that some people are offered the drug GHB or the date rape drug which is quite dangerous and can result in vomiting, unconsciousness, dizziness and even death. So, always take precautions whenever you are at a bar or club. Also, watch your drinks being poured and never accept a drink from any stranger.

Drink Spiking

The Town’ Less Desirable Areas

Remember to avoid the less desirable areas of the town. Bairro Alto, Cais do Sodre, Casal ventoso, Alfama, Intendente and Martin Moniz can be risky areas, especially in the evening as drug deals and prostitution are common. So you better stick to staying in more populated areas and do not travel alone. Always be aware of your surroundings and avoid engaging in a group of individuals who seem to be up to no good.

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Make your Visit a Memorable One

Portugal is still the world’s most famous tourist destinations. Travellers to the country get the unique chance to have memorable experiences from adventure to romance to relaxation and rich culture. All of these can have in one stunning place. Portugal has amazing landscapes, divine food and welcoming people. The people in Portugal are more reserved and quieter than the Spaniards, their neighbors on the Iberian Peninsula. However, they are open and friendly and have an affinity for foreign languages that could come in handy if you ask directions. Although you will surely have a great travel to Portugal, the suggestions and tips offered above will help you in ensuring your experience in Portugal is exciting, memorable and safe.

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