How to Rent and Buy Campervans Without Breaking the Bank

For camping aficionados the world over, there are few places quite like Australia.  From the Coral Reef to the Outback to the jungles and back again, Australia is one of the great centres of wildlife study in the world, and its incredibly diverse ecosystems make for some of the best camping ventures as well.  It’s an experience every hardy camper should try at least once, but before you can even think about sighting your first wild animal, you’re going to have to actually get there, and to do that you’re going to need a campervan that’s up to the task.

Not everyone can afford to have an expensive vehicle at their disposal during those few happy weekends out of the year when they get to go camping.  If you’re on a budget, look into renting or purchasing a campervan.

Renting Campervans

Checking over the history of both the vehicle and the company are the two most important things when looking to rent a campervan.  Take the time to make sure A) this is for sure the vehicle you want to rent, B) it looks trustworthy and C) that the same can be said of the company.  In addition, you’ll want to be on the lookout for rental deals.  Many dealerships offer specials that coincide with various times of the year, including holidays, which can greatly reduce the overall cost of renting a campervan.

Buying Campervans

Then again, maybe you’re such an avid camper that you’re willing to spend some money and acquire a campervan for good.  If this is you, and you’re looking to find a quality campervan for sale, you’re still going to want to go online to see the prices for rented options.  Even if you are planning on buying rather than renting, you want to get some idea of the cost differential.  Then you’ll naturally want to compare prices for camping vehicles for sale on various websites.  One thing to look out for is used campervans.  That’s not to say you shouldn’t look into these; in fact, they can be a steal if you happen to find the right option.  However, because you’re buying them used, and campervans and off-road vehicles in particular have a tendency to be subject to quite a bit of work, it’s more important than ever to acquire a complete and accurate account of the campervan’s history.  On the one hand, the vehicle might have overworked stress points in its frame and a tiring engine.  On the other hand, it might be fine and, again, a bargain.  You won’t know unless you check.

When it comes to buying campervans new, you want to strike a balance between paying for a new model and paying for features soon to become obsolete.  Look for campervans with superior build in its basics—overall build, engine, off-roading ability, to name a few.  Leave extraneous amenities for something to add on at your leisure and economic convenience.

Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, campervans are a great way to experience the wonders of nature and the joys of the open road.

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