International Yacht Transport: Methods of Shipping Yachts

Nowadays, rich people spend their holidays in yachts and the demand has increased significantly. There are many yacht transport companies dealing withthis business from a long time. They are specialized in transferring the yacht from one place to another. Yachts are very expensive and demand special expertise to be handled. And, it’s good that there are several shipping firms that are leading in the niche.

They mainly provide three methods followed by international yacht transport companies: Lift On – Lift Off, Roll On – Roll Off, Float On- Float Off.

Lift On – Lift Off:

The boatgets delivered next to ship side from where it will be taken by ship. Heavy duty slings are placed under the boat by drivers. A crane is used to lift the boat from water and deliver it to the dock where a place is created to keep it safe and secure. Discharging is similar after the arrival. This method is done for yachts from 32ft to 150ft length. This method is utilized by acrane, which has a capacity of handling 900 metric tons.

Float On – Float Off:

In this method, the boat is delivered to the ship’s side and it is then handled by the company until the ship is ready to load. The ship’s deck is under the water. Water is simply released slowly and then the boats will be in deck.

Companies provide semi-submersible ship services inU.S. East Coast (Newport, Rhode Island and Port Everglades, Florida), the Mediterranean (Toulon, France; Genoa and Taranto, Italy; Marmaris, Turkey; Palma de Mallorca, Spain), the Caribbean (St. Thomas and Martinique) , the Pacific West Coast (Golfito, Costa Rica) and the South Pacific (Papeete, Tahiti; Auckland, New Zealand; and Brisbane, Australia).

Roll On – Roll Off:

It is used when boats are rolled in and out of specialized ship’s compartment. Boats are kept throughout the duration of transport. It can be done by using special flatbed, mafi or lowboy trailers.Apart from these services, they also offer other kinds of services where they handle large boats of 40ft container.

The shipping company takes several factors into consideration before deciding the right method of transporting your yacht. Seek professional assistance for safe transit of your yacht so that you can enjoy a peaceful and memorable vacation at the sea.

Bio: Thomas Anderson has written the above article. He has been working in a boat shipping company for 20+ years now.

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