Knowing the best hotel in Singapore

Which hotel us the best? How can you tell that is indeed the best hotel?


Best hotel


Let’s remove the judge mental comparing part and let’s be black and white. What are the characteristics of a best hotel?


  • The wow factor: The first thing that you will say to a great looking and striking hotel is wow! They have a very nice and comfy bed, wow! They have a great view in the window! They have free cigars! Wow! They have complementary food that is very delicious! Wow! They have a roller coaster! Wow! They have a waterfall! Wow! They have a zoo! Wow! And the many amazement that you can say WOW!


  • The facilities: If you walked in a dirty or a messy hotel you know it’s a bad thing, the first impressions are not just on how the building looks but also extends on the hotel in Singapore


  • The staff: Sometimes even the most little of hotels can be the best hotel from their customers all because of great customer service from the staff, remember that customer service is also Part of the overall hotel experience.


  • The experience: The overall performance of the hotel, the recreation facilities and how it looks for you, you may have all the attraction but if your food is bad and so as your staff you will still not be the best hotel because your flaws are too noticeable to your guests. Remember that even the big ones go down because of a bad guest experience.


  • The price: the price has to be reasonable, not too overrated and not think highly of the hotel. If you are in a remote location or a 30 minute ride from Orchard you can’t expect to charge your hotel as the same rate as the hotels from the Orchard, that’s a rip off and people would prefer to go to the hotel near the Orchard because everything is near there and with the same price as your hotel that might even be located as far as in Woodlands.


  • The location: Location is everything, people like and love hotels near shopping places, parks, recreations, food and many more things that they can walk around and enjoy the sights while the hotel that they stay in is not that very far or just walking distance.


The best hotel in Singapore

Parc Sovereign hotel might not have a built in water slide, a Jurassic park, a space station but they have the best formula to be known as the best hotel in Singapore book a room and you will know why.

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