Maximizing That Day Trip to the Universal Studios Singapore

If you are from the South East Asian region and would want to go to the Universal Studios, then Universal Studios Singapore has probably popped out of your mind. Being the closest in the region, a visit here would mean that you get to enjoy the Universal Studios experience without the need to go to the United States or other far-away countries. At 25 kilometers or 35 minutes away from the Changi Airport arrivals area, this really is as close and as accessible as you could get with a Universal Studios theme park. That is why a lot of people are going to the city state to taste the experience of being inside a Universal Studios park.

Expansive and Full of Choices – Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios in Singapore is no small park. In fact, it is an expansive one with a total area of 20 hectares. Inside this vast chunk of land are twenty-one (21) rides, six (6) of it are roller coasters while two (2) of it are water rides. It has various themed zones such as Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, the Lost World, Far Away, and Madagascar. These themed zones feature different attractions that the whole family will love. However, given the huge area and the number of attractions inside, it could be real difficult to cover it fully. That is why it is important that you plan your trips to maximize your Universal Studios experience. How do you do just that then?

Buy Your Tickets Ahead of Time

Getting the tickets on site means that you have to be in queue, eating away precious time. By buying your tickets online or in person before your actual visit, you can go straight away inside the park to start enjoying its many amenities.

Schedule Your Visit on a Weekday

Weekends are obviously real busy. That is why to avoid queuing in lines for rides or whatever, try going there on a weekday to get to as more rides as you can. Since there are far less people during the weekdays as they are either busy at work or school you have the day to enjoy the many attractions inside the park, at times by your lonesome.

Come up with A Plan

You should have studied the park already before going there. Then you could plan where you will end up going so that you save a huge amount of time. When you already have a plan, make sure that you strictly follow it to keep yourself on course of going around the park covering as much part of it.

It would be such a shame if you wouldn’t be able to completely go around the park just because you wasn’t able to plan well for it. Let these tips help you better plan your Universal Studios Singapore trip and enjoy it to the hilt.

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