Must-See Attractions To Fully Appreciate Sentosa Singapore

Sentosa perhaps is one of the most popular travel destination in Asia. It s a notable place in Singapore that can offer all travelers the places and attractions to give them the best visiting experience. Although very limited in land area, they still found a way to place these attractions strategically for many people to fully enjoy their stay. There are lot of things do in Sentosa alone and a few days of tour package probably can’t cut it. So here are Sentosa Singapore’s famous must-see attractions for a tourist to fully appreciate.

Universal Studios Singapore: The Latest Installment From a Highly Praised Theme Park

This theme park started in Hollywood, California back in 1965 and it became an icon and catalyst for many theme parks that opened even for today. A simple concept of bringing the fans to experience being with the movies they grew up with and very fond of really sky rocketed into popularity even overseas. They let their guests see actual movie props and customize rides designed to provide any guest the utmost experience of being in the movies. They started to expand overseas by building and opening one in Osaka, Japan. Then after that, they built and opened their latest park expansion in Sentosa, Singapore. The park itself not only showcases their rides and attractions, but also they highlight the beauty of Singapore Sentosa Attractions for many people to feast their eyes on.

The S.E.A. Aquarium: The World’s Second Biggest Aquarium

Singapore is a country consists of 63 islands surrounded by its famous marine life and aquatic resources. They are a country that gives utmost importance to their natural resources’ existence and well-being. That is why the built the world’s second largest aquarium to let the people appreciate the beauty at the same time raise awareness of its importance. People really appreciates a country’s effort to protect their natural resources rather than making the best profit out of it.

Tiger Sky Tower: The Highest Observation Tower In Singapore

It is always a good idea to get a bird’s eye view to see and appreciate everything a place can offer. For many tourists, it is a must to visit Singapore’s tallest viewing tower. Having a panoramic view of the surroundings while being elevated at 131 meters can really give you the best view to see the whole Singapore.

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