The Positive Things You Can Get from Luxury Serviced Apartments

Luxury serviced apartments in Singapore can provide you all the conveniences that you can get from any hotel. You can have the following: room service, housekeeping, restaurants, fitness gyms, and other recreational facilities. This type of accommodation won’t give you the touristy experience; its services are aligned to the needs of most business travelers.

Better and More Accessible Location

The luxury serviced apartments are known to have locations that are better than 5-star hotels. They are oftentimes more accessible and convenient. They can be away from the crowded hot spots and are often closer to the central business districts. This is especially true for places that are considered as business hubs like Singapore. That’s why serviced apartments are a popularly choice for business executives and their families.

The Small Things That Make a Huge Difference

The truth is that it’s the little things that make a large difference between the serviced apartment and the hotel. You can enjoy using the fully equipped kitchen and washing machine; you can have a dining and living room with contemporary decors on them. You can also have a guest bathroom or a large space for working with wireless connection.

This is how business executives would feel like living in a residence instead of being away for work. It’s possible for them to engage in longer-duration activities like cooking programs, detox programs, yoga sessions, golf lessons, and many others.

It All Boils Down to Price

At the end of the day, everything still boils down to the price. That can be considered the icing on the cake since serviced apartments offer huge discounts. The longer you stay the more you can save on the unit. Even for three-night stays you can still save more compared to when you stay in a standard hotel. You can feel at home the next time you’re away to work by choosing from the many luxury serviced apartments available today.

You Have Many Options

The extended stay hotels which are also called aparthotels have now branched out into condotels and flatotels which means that you have more options that will be suitable for your lifestyle.

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