How The Rates Are Fixed For Car Rental In SG?

The rates of the car rental services refer to the amount that needs to be paid by the hirer to the car agency for leasing the car. The rate of these car rental services varies with different agencies and the countries as well. The main factor on which the rent of the car depends is the time period of hiring the car. If you hire the car for a longer duration of time the rates will definitely be higher as compared to a short-term hire. There are several other factors that affect car rental in SG which are different for different car rental agencies in Singapore.

car rental in SG

Factors for the determination of car rental in SG

Apart from the most vital factor of the time duration of the lease of the car as mentioned above, the car rental in SG is decided according to a number of factors which are as enumerated below.

  • At the beginning, the size of the car that is leased out is an important factor for the determination of the rent. For example, we can see that the rent of a four-seater car is almost half the rent of an SUV that allows sitting eight to nine people for the same duration of time.
  • The next important factor that helps in the fixing of the rent for the car is set of additional facilities that are provided with the car rental service. For example, in addition to just the car sometimes insurance facilities, Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation systems are to name a few of them.
  • The comfort that is provided by the car plays a crucial role in determining the rate of the car rental services. A number of other facilities like, air conditioning systems, entertainment facilities in the car etc. are other important factors for the determination of the rent for the hire of the car.

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