Sites to Visit When in Mexico As A Surprise Vacation Gift

cool-gift-ideas-in-mexico-vacation-tripExplore the Ruins of Monte Alban For Cool Gift Ideas


There are ancient ruins all over Mexico, and one of the most underrated is certainly the ancient city of Monte Alban on the outskirts of Oaxaca city. Monte Alban was the capital of the ancient Zapotec civilization, and it dates back to around 500BC. The site is not too difficult to walk around (although there is no shade, so do bring a hat) and as you walk you will find majestic temples, ball courts, tombs, and much more.


See Wild Flamingos in Celestun


It’s not often that you get to see a group of beautiful flamingo right in front of you, but that’s exactly what could happen on a trip to Celestun. The Celestun Bisosphere Reserve is a place of extraordinary natural beauty, where you can find mangroves, with lagoons, cenotes, and vegetation. This is the perfect place for lots of spectacular wildlife to thrive, including egrets, pelicans, herons, and, of course, the swathes of pink flamingos that the reserve is famous for.


Wander Through the Home of Diego Rivera


Diego Rivera might just be the most famous artist that has emerged from Mexico. He is most famous for his frescoes, and you should absolutely take the chance to see them in buildings such as Bellas Artes in Mexico City. But if you also want to understand the man behind the art, be sure to visit Rivera’s childhood home in Guanajuato.  On the ground floor, his family home is recreated with 19th century antiques, and the upper floors show some of his early works and preliminary sketches.


Peruse the Barro Negro of Oaxaca


Mexico is a country full of crafts that go back in time before the Spanish arrived, and one such craft is Barro Negro, or black pottery, which can be found in Oaxaca. The reason it’s called this is, of course, because the pottery is a deep black color, and often very shiny, making it stand out from any other form of ceramics around the world. The clay isn’t actually colored but achieves its black color in the firing process. A piece of this pottery would make a wonderful gift to take home with you.


A vacation like this is certainly one of the cool gift ideas you can ever give to a loved one. What are you waiting for? Book a trip to Mexico now!

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