Swiss Army Knives Make a Great Gift

Finding a great gift for the man or woman in your life who enjoys the outdoors can be difficult. This is especially true if the person has spent years engaging in these activities because it means they most likely have everything they need. However, there are a few unique items you can give them that they might enjoy. Swiss Army Knives, for example, make a great gift because there are many different ways you can have these items customised and personalised so that even if the recipient already has a knife, this one will be special.

Personalise it

Many of these knives can have a name or other short message engraved on them, making the knife a very personal gift that the recipient will cherish forever. It’s a way of taking a gift that could have come from anyone, or be for anyone, and making it personal. It becomes even more personal if the knife is for someone who taught you how to camp or was influential in your life in some way.

Select a Colour or Pattern

Swiss Army Knives are known for coming in red, but you can purchase these items in many different colours. You can order a knife in basic colours such as black, white, blue, bright yellow, and racing green, or you can go for a more unique look and go for a pattern. These pattern casings include things such as the Union Jack, tribal images, or wood. While these knives may not look like a traditional Swiss tool, they do feature the traditional logo you’d find on any Swiss Army Knife.

Pick the Right Tool for the Job

While Swiss Army Knives used to be mainly for survival out in the wilderness, that’s no longer true. Today, these handy tools contain a variety of different items that make them useful in many circumstances. For example, there’s a version of the knife for computer users that includes a small LED light and a screwdriver, while there’s another that features an ink pen. You’ll find a knife that fits anyone’s needs, even one that includes an altimeter and barometer.

There are also Swiss Army Knives that come with more than 50 different tools and are basically an entire tool kit that fits in your back pocket. If you want to go with the smaller size knife, you’ll find that it comes with different tool options as well.


If purchasing the knife for your gift doesn’t seem like enough, you can add on a number of different extras to your purchase. You could get a very nice gift box specially designed to show off your purchase in the best way possible, then add a pouch for carrying the tool. These pouches clip to any belt and keep the knife safe and secure when it’s not in use. If you suspect the recipient will wear out some of the knife’s parts fairly quickly, you can buy replacement parts to go with the gift. Other accessories such as oil for the blades and refills for knife pens are also available.

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