Top activities to do in Breckenridge’s winter season

As one of the most popular winter attraction spots, the historic town of Breckenridge has made quite a name for itself when it comes to tourism. Due to Breckenridge’s world-famous ski resorts, it has become closely associated with the winter season, and while it may be a couple of months far yet, those who have just finished their summer vacations may be interested in booking their Breckenridge vacation rentals and plan their next retreatfor their Christmas or New Year vacations.

Here are the top 5 winter activities Breckenridge is famous for:

Skiing and snowboarding

You might already have guessed it, and it is that obvious, skiing and snowboarding lie at the heart of Breckenridge and there are plenty of events which you can take advantage from while at your stay in the historic town.

The Breckenridge Ski Resort for instance, offers a fantastic opportunity for adults and teenagers alike to experience the thrill of quality skiing. The resort has varying types of peaks which users can choose from depending upon their skill level and experience.

Skiing lessons

If you are new to skiing or just want to brush up your rusty skiing skills, you can always choose to refresh or learn the skiing basics via lessons. By participating in the lessons, you grow with the right confidence and skills to daringly go on a mountain and experience the thrill of your lifetime.

Sleigh rides

Whether you are with your family or your partner, riding on a sleigh in the winter season is the perfect way to mark a birthday or a wedding anniversary celebration. There are different types of rides to choose from, each of which has a different rate for adults and children. If you wish to partake in the rides, you’d be well advised to stay informed of the timings and to make reservations a few days prior to the day you wish to enjoy the sleigh ride.

Ice skating

In addition to sleigh rides and skiing, you can also choose to indulge in some ice skating. Ice skating can be a great opportunity for you to have a well-rounded and rich family time. The Gold Run Nordic Center’s Ice Rink provides skaters with the ultimate skating experience. You can bring your own skates or use the ones provided by the center.

Fly fishing

Have you ever wanted to catch fish? This is your chance. The beautiful hills and lakes of Breckenridge fill the atmosphere for a great fly fishing time. The Blue Rivers Anglers of Colorado provide fly fishing trips at various lakes and rivers giving tourists the chance to catch some quality fish.

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