The Top Must-Haves of a Car Lease Company in Singapore

Thinking of driving a car very soon? Then it would be a great idea to consider a specialist in car lease at Singapore. Instead of paying for a car and applying for loans from financial institutions plus availing of separate insurance packages, a lease is far more convenient. All you’ll need to do is to sign up for an agreement and a complete service will be provided for you.

Before getting your very own car leasing service, here are just few of the qualities which you must list up and consider:

The complete package that a car leasing company offers

A long term car rental Singapore company must be able to render you with a full service, so you may be able to use your chosen vehicle in the most efficient way possible.

As part of its standard features, a car lease package must have a comprehensive insurance coverage, Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) package and road tax. Full maintenance and servicing is also a definite must, so you can ensure your vehicle will be in tip top shape.


24-hour roadside assistance is another definite must-have upon considering a service which specializes in car leasing at Singapore. If you will be driving in Malaysia anytime soon, then the same feature must be helpfully provided by your chosen company.

A range of high end and top branded cars

While there are many more features which must be considered in a standard car lease package, another necessary feature of a service would be its range of cars. It’s quite essential for you to choose a company which has the top brands as part of its selections.

If you see Infiniti, Jaguar, Land Rover, Renault, Volvo, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Honda and Porsche among its choices, then chances are you’re dealing with a top car leasing company.

Check out their support services

Throughout your driving journeys, there would understandably be times when you’ll need an extra set of hands on emergencies. This is where it’s practical to have additional assistance from a car leasing company’s support team.

The services may include 24-hour assistance during an accident, a complimentary taxi service and concierge support. When the need arises, a top car lease company must be able to render an emergency medical evacuation or repatriation service.

If you happen to be driving in Malaysia, wouldn’t it be also be consoling to know if a complimentary replacement vehicle plus hotel accommodation may be provided?

Provides comprehensive information in purchasing vehicles

Are you still in the process of deciding whether car leasing would be fitting for your needs? Then it would definitely be helpful if your potential provider has a portion which indicates all the necessary information you’ll need to prepare your car leasing budget.

There are even top providers which have comparison tables, along with government regulations so you can anticipate the costs required in purchasing versus leasing a vehicle.

These are just some of the qualities which you must look for, upon considering a service which specializes in car leasing at SG. Be sure to list up more of your requirements, so you’ll be able to find the most fitting provider soon.

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