Top Types of Langkawi Tour Packages

Malaysia truly has among the most exciting sceneries which you can marvel at. If you’d like to take an international, weekend getaway there are fun, Langkawi Tour Package which you can choose from. Brace up for an enjoyable weekend and see the best attractions in the country.

Langkawi Tour Package selections you can try out

  • Langkawi Mangrove and Limestone Tour with Lunch

This Langkawi Tour Package is quite a fit for those looking to have boat rides and nature trips. In here, you’ll get to see wondrous caves and lush greeneries while you’re floating on mangrove water. There are also different types of floras and faunas which you’ll get to learn about. Plus, with the sun beautifully shining and the air so refreshing to breathe, you’ll be sure to have one exhilarating nature trip capped off with a sumptuous meal.

  • Langkawi Craft and Cultural Tour

Are you a fashionista who’s up for putting up good finds to form part of your awesome ensemble? To make your closet, home and everyday life even more interesting, you can add up several more cultural pieces from the Langkawi Craft and Cultural Tour.

As one of the most tried Langkawi Tour Packages, this type of trip lets you see Malaysia’s rich cultural collection with over 2,500 pieces to choose get inspired by. The pieces you can find on this tour are inspired by Islamic origins, along with gold, silverware, plus precious stones. You can then purchase some batik and silverware so you can take some Malaysian inspired pieces with you back home.

  • Langkawi Kuah by Night

This specific Langkawi tour package has Lagenda Park, plus it has rows of markets filled with Malaysia’s food specialties. In here, you can be a Southeast Asian gourmand as you get to savor some native cuisines. From local treats and dishes, to the Malaysians’ take or versions of Korean, Western and Chinese food, you’ll certainly never run out of food options to try at the Langkawi Kuah.

  • Half-Day Bike Tour of Langkawi

If you’re a fan of getting active while touring a country, one fun Langkawi tour package you can try would be a Half-Day bike tour. In here, you’ll get to bike by museums, paddy fields, museums and many other sceneries.

There are lots of other options which you can take as you look through some Langkawi tour package selections. Book a trip today and give some of them a try.

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