Traveling As A Perfect Wedding Anniversary Gift in Singapore

mexico-as-anniversary-gift-ideasAre you about to celebrate your wedding anniversary? Have you thought of several anniversary gift ideas? If you have not decided yet, why not consider taking a tour to Mexico?


Listed below are some of the best and most romantic activities you can do on your anniversary:


Have a Smooch in the Alley of the Kiss


Guanajuato is a spectacularly beautiful city. The city is built on hills and valleys, and because the houses are painted in all kinds of bright colors, it could easily be mistaken for an Italian hill town. It’s a great idea to walk the streets and take in all the beauty, but one of these streets is not like the others. El Callejon del Beso, or The Alley of the Kiss, is where couples go for a smooch. A kiss on the third step of the alley is said to bring fifteen years of happiness.


Eat in Mexico City’s Oldest Restaurant


There’s no shortage of opportunities to have a delicious meal in Mexico City, but for something extra special book a table at La Hosteria de Santo Domingo, which just happens to be the oldest restaurant in the city, dating back to 1860. Check out the online reviews for this restaurant and you’ll soon realise that they please their customers as much today as they did when they first opened. If you aren’t sure what to order, we can recommend the Chile en nogada, which is a chilli pepper stuffed with ground meat and dried fruit, bathed in a walnut sauce.


Party with Bands on the Beach at Tropico


Acapulco was once the place to be for a glamorous getaway. Although the glamour of Acapulco is somewhat faded now, there is still one big reason to visit this coastal city, and that’s a bangin’ festival called Tropico. It takes place every December, so it’s a fantastic place to escape the winter blues wherever you may be, and have an epic party on the beach. The festival specialises in dance and electronic acts, so if you love to dance, and you love beach weather, this is the festival for you.


Live Island Life on Isla Mujeres As Part of Anniversary Gift Ideas


There are tonnes of beautiful beach towns in Mexico where you can unwind on a relaxing break, but somehow a beach town doesn’t quite compare to a tropical island, and fortunately Mexico has some of those as well. Isla Mujeres is one of the most beautiful, and it’s just a short boat ride from the popular destination of Cancun. This is a laid back place where the best thing to do is simply taking in the island vibes, but if you feel like being more active, a spot of whale watching or scuba diving should keep you busy enough.

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